Native Android apps are platform-specific app for Android, which utilizes a specific programming language, Java for development. This has held the de facto reins for app development and is the original and most followed methodology for app development, dominating the market completely. It is the route every budding developer foraying into app development used to take by default before Flutter came into the picture.

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile framework from Google based on the Dart programming language. It is a mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android. Flutter has taken…

Rails VS NodeJS VS Django

Stuck in the suspended bubble of wanting to be productive but not knowing where to invest your resources and efforts? A dilemma that plagues many a developer is that of deciding which framework and skill set would be most useful in the current market.

Although there is no clear cut answer for the same, what can be presented is a comprehensive view of the strengths, limitations, and applicability of these frameworks, making it easier to choose the one which fits just right.

So what exactly is a Server-side web framework?

They provide tools and libraries that simplify common web development tasks:- ● Routing URLs to appropriate handlers ●…

Angular VS React

Have a great idea that you can’t wait to design, develop, and deploy? Giving your idea form via a web or mobile application is certainly the way to go forward, but the dilemma of choosing just the right framework can be downright infuriating.
Angular and React are undoubtedly the hottest in the market for polished, smooth-functioning front-end frameworks based on JavaScript.

1. Quick Overview

Developed and maintained by Facebook, React.js is a popular library based on JavaScript that has provisions for building and rendering components for a webpage. Creating React application usually requires the use of additional libraries for functionalities like routing and…

A copy deck can be envisioned as a liaison between the content writer and the designers & coders working on a particular project.

It is a word document consisting of a template for all the content to be used in the project, especially the UX side of the things. It’s crucial that the content is laid out in a concise and clear manner to ensure that all the project members can grasp the layout.


Instead of mailing the content back and forth for feedback and adjustments, decks can be shared through tools like Google Docs which also has the…

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